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Lego Sets Based on TV Shows | Our Top Ten

Today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Lego sets based on TV shows.

We’ll look at notable Lego sets inspired by animated and live-action television programs. We’ll be covering sets that are still actively available for purchase and ones that may have been discontinued. 

Have you ever built anything with Lego? Tell us about your builds in the comments. 

Number 10: Avatar The Last Airbender. 

With only 61 episodes under its belt. Avatar. The Last Airbender was a show that left a lasting legacy, thanks to its unique stories, from comics to novels to a live-action movie. 

This beloved franchise gave us themes not often found in programming aimed at a younger audience. 

In 2006, Lego released a 722-piece fire nation ship and a 400-piece air temple, making them the only two sets based on the defunct series. 

Neither is very large, but they still pack plenty of detail for fans. 

Number nine: the Flintstones 

The mid-20th century was a completely different time for animated programming. Saturday mornings were the preferred time slot for all things cartoon-related, and kids got up early on the weekend to watch the latest adventures of bugs bunny and company. 

However, in 1960, the Flintstones became the first animated program to run in prime time. It was then that we learned all about Fred Wilma Barney and Betty and the adventures of living in the literal stone age. 

Surprisingly enough, it took more than 50 years before the Flintstones would be made into Lego.

Released in March of 2019, the set shows the four title characters, a home, and Fred’s infamous car. Yaba Daba Do indeed. 

Number eight: The Power Puff Girls. 

Kindergarten can be challenging for youngsters. Getting used to school, meeting teachers, and making new friends can undoubtedly make any kid feel a bit anxious. 

It only gets more complicated when you’ve got superpowers and really need to find blankie.

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup all got the Lego blessing in 2017.

It started with a mini set, but then expanded with the bubbles playground. And more sets released over the course of two years. These small sets were filled with lots of color and were not overly complex for youngsters to enjoy.

Number seven: Dr. Who 

For a show with over 850 episodes, you would hope they earned the distinction of having their own Lego set. 

Released in 2015. This DoctorDoctor Who themed set gives us a glimpse and a Lego Taurus and console room. 

It comes equipped with two versions of the Doctor himself, two dots, a weeping angel and Clara Oswald. At 623 pieces, it’s small enough to build quickly, but has more than enough detail to represent the best parts of the iconic television show.

It’s made even better having come from the Lego ideas brand, an initiative that takes user submitted Lego builds and turns them into reality. Nice going.

Number six: Voltron

Depending on what day you tuned in. You may have seen vastly different versions of Voltron in the 1980s. The Lion Force and the Vehicle Team Voltron were two very distinct versions of the robotic hero. 

This came from the fact that both were based on different Japanese TV shows that had been brought to the US. 

The lion force Voltron became a success in the US, spawning several different versions, including a Netflix reboot series. 

In 2018, the defender of the universe found itself available as a 2,321 piece Lego set featuring all five lions. Not to mention Voltron’s massive sword.

Defender of the universe. Absolutely. 

Number five adventure time. 

Having been on the air for eight years, adventure time found a connection with audiences worldwide, unwilling to stick to the typical happy-go-lucky stories. This show seeped its way into far more serious issues while still managing to keep it light. 

For the adventure time Lego set, we got a collection of the show’s notable characters, but not in the traditional minifig form.

Jake and Finn, Princess Bubblegum, Gunter, and even Lady Raina, Unicorn all get representation in this 2017 release. 

We love the inclusion of Marline and her guitar. Plus the ice Kings frosty hands give us the chills. 

Number four: Stranger Things

One of the ongoing plots within Netflix’s stranger things is the alternate universe known as the upside down. 

Lego opted to immortalize this alternate dimension by creating a set around the Byer’s home. But with a literal twist, the entire set can actually be flipped upside down to reveal the alternate version from the other dimension. 

The pieces are mirrored, but given slight differences to illuminate which side is which.

It has plenty of detail, includes eight minifigs and a standalone version of Hopper’s police vehicle. This set is no strange thing. It’s incredible. 

Number three: Scooby Doo

It’s almost unfathomable to think that Scooby Doo has been around since 1969 with multiple animated shows and movies under his, uh, collar. 

It’s surprising that it took so long for Lego to put out a set for this iconic pooch and his mystery solving friends. 

It’s primarily focused around the gang’s famous mystery machine van, but does include a spooky tree, a sandwich, and a scary zombie at 301 pieces. 

It’s admittedly pretty small. And while it’s disappointing that neither Daphne or Velma are included, we will, however, give extra points for not including Scrappy Doo.

Number two, the Simpsons

Like some of the other animated shows on this list, the Simpsons have been around for a long time, making it odd Lego didn’t deliver sooner. 

But two notable sets based on the show have been released since 2014, the first being the Simpsons house itself.

A little more than a year later, a set for Apu’s Quickie Mart emerged.

Both sets boast more than 2000 pieces and come with six minifigs depicting characters from the show. The store set is more self-contained though. As for the home set, we love seeing Bart’s skateboard ramp and Homer’s barbecue included.

 before we unveil our top pick. Here are a few other Lego TV sets that deserve honorable mention Seinfeld. This set certainly isn’t made of nothing. Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Cowabunga. There are so many of these sets justice league, the gangs all here, the big bang theory, even Sheldon would enjoy this brick version 

Number one: Friends

It may have taken until 2019, but Lego finally did the TV show Friends with the release of the Central Perk set. 

All six characters from the principal cast can be seen at their favorite coffee shop. Rachel’s serving coffee. Phoebe is on guitar and even Gunther can be spotted behind the counter. 

There are plenty of nice little touches for fans, including potted flowers and even an espresso machine. 

Lego also released an apartment set in June of 2021, featuring both main apartments on the show. These creations are topped off with large lights, hung on either side, reminding builders that they are indeed building a set, a TV set, that is.

Do you agree with our picks? let us know in the comments.