Apex Devastator | Adventure Custom MTG Proxy Card


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Custom Magic: the Gathering Proxies

Thank you for checking out our custom MTG proxy cards. These cards are designed using unique art and frames to stand out. We use high quality printing and card stock to create the best proxies on the internet. Our MTG cards are the same dimensions and weight as a real Magic card.

Make your deck more competitive at a great price. Great for commander, modern, legacy, or standard formats.

All orders are typically shipped within 3 business days from the United States.

If you spend $25 or more, we will throw in a free random proxy card. When you spend $100 or more, we throw in a free set of proxy cards.

*These are unofficial proxies, not for use in Wizards of the Coast LLC sanctioned events and tournaments.

Like this MTG design? Use our MTG Card Maker to customize your own Adventure Style MTG Proxies.For Apex Devastator, a colossal creature with four instances of cascade, it embodies the spirit of “value” in gameplay. The cascade ability allows you to essentially cast up to four additional spells for free as you exile cards from the top of your library until you exile a nonland card that costs less, which you may cast without paying its mana cost. This process repeats for each cascade trigger. Given its high mana cost, integrating ways to cheat it into play or ramping up your mana production is advisable. The creature’s power lies not only in its formidable 10/10 stats but significantly in the potential cascade of spells it brings into play, potentially altering the battlefield’s state in your favor almost immediately. Each cascade operates independently, offering a unique way to sift through your library and cast multiple spells, thereby providing a significant advantage in terms of board presence and resource advantage‚Äč.

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