Superhero Minifig | Batman

Superhero Minifig | Batman


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Get this custom Minifig to build out your collection!

Our Minifigs are lovingly printed directly onto high-quality pieces and have a durable finish. These minifigs fit in perfectly with your brick collections.

Since his debut in 1939, Batman has been a firm favorite amongst comic book fans. Since 1943, the Dark Knight has featured in endless superhero-themed films, from 1943’s Batman to 2005’s Batman Begins, 2008’s The Dark Knight, and even as recently as 2017 Batman Lego Movie. This Batman MiniFig is the ultimate gift for any Batman fan who can’t get enough of the Dark Defender. Small and lightweight, this figure is ideal for children to play with, adults to collect and display or for any other purpose you can imagine.

This unique Batman Minifigure features an alternate costume. This bat-inspired costume strikes fear into the heart of any criminal who might fear Gotham City’s top crime fighter. It also has a lightweight, fabric cape for the perfect final touch! As with all of our Minifigs, the Batman Minifig is movable, featuring a head that can turn, as well as arms and legs that can move to allow you to position the figure however you please.

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